OTV - The Anatomy Of Live (Video Download)


Well, it’s been over 12 years since this group of musicians last did a show together. It all started in 1993, in Melbourne Australia, when Virgil Donati began looking for players for a new instrumental project, and before long, one was indeed born. It would become known as On The Virg - mixing the best elements of Rock, Jazz, Metal, Classical and Progressive music. Over the course of many wonderful and crazy gigs together, people started asking whether it would be possible to do a live recording... alas, no recording was ever made, other than by a few faithful fans recording what they could on video tape... ahhh ‘tape’. Instead though, a studio album was put together, called Serious Young Insects, which was (and still is) well received all around the globe. Shortly after, Virgil moved to Los Angeles, and On The Virg took a long...long hiatus. Jumping ahead many years: in August 2012, Frank Corniola and DRUMTEK, Melbourne, Australia hosted another spectacular Australia's Ultimate Drummers Weekend - and no less, to celebrate it’s 20th Anniversary. So to mark the milestone, Virgil was invited back to play and inspire, and Frank suggested that perhaps a special reunion of On the Virg would be the perfect way to celebrate it. Calls were made, emails were sent, and everyone agreed that it would be lots of fun to put it back together and revisit the magic that was made together so many years ago. Time however, as always in the music biz, was limited, so with only two rehearsals the boys hit the road for a couple of quick warm up gigs to blow out some cobwebs before arriving back in Melbourne to perform at the A.U.D.W. It was all done in less than a week. What you’ll find here is simply four musicians - stretching, exploring, giving it everything, and not least of all - trying to conjure those little moments of magic that we all search for everyday... Ladies and Gentleman, finally, as per your many requests over the years, here it is: absolutely live, absolutely over the top, and absolutely... ON THE VIRG! VIRGIL DONATI - DRUMS SIMON HOSFORD - GUITAR PHIL TURCIO - KEYS DOUG SHREEVE - BASS 1. Desert Girl 2. Malfunction 3. Kingdom Of Dreams 4. Eleven 5. Trencherman 6. Dragon Bones 7. Eternity 8. Red Air 9. In This Life 10. Pyramids On Mars 11. Rhythm 7/13 (drum & bass duet) 12. Me, Myself and I (Virgil's solo) 13. The Thinking Stone 14. Running From The Aliens 15. Alien Hip Hop Picture Format: 16:9 SD Widescreen (1024x576) Video Format: MP4 (H.264 Encoding) Region Code: All Regions Duration: 106 mins approx Audio: DD 2.0 Also includes a digital booklet with full credits, photos and liner notes.

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